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Did you know , one of the most common causes of depression in teens is hormonal? And teen girls are the one that experience depression more so than teen boys. Due to changes in the body at puberty.

Depression Experience for parents take time to understand the signs. If your child has shown signs of sadness for a while, maybe it is time to seek out a therapist. Mental Illness is nothing that should be taken lightly. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance; it’s not just your growing teen being “moody” or “lazy” because they are sleeping too much. These signs of sometimes indicate other mental health issue that needs your attention.

The first step to working towards working with depression is to simply talk to your child. I know it may sound cliché, and this can often be the hardest part of the entire process. But talking to your teenager about his or her problems or concerns is essential. Don’t just sit down once a day and talk to them – make it a point to communicate throughout the day.

Even if it’s only through text. The more you talk to your teen, the more willing they will be to open up to you.

When you talk to your teen, two things may happen: He or she may confide in you and open up, or he or she may stay closed off for any number of reasons. Regardless of which happens, the end result is your teen’s choice and that means that as a parent, you have to respect it. If your teen opens up to you, let them talk to you with no judgment. 

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Patrice M Foster


After finding herself locked out one day, Patrice M Foster became homeless and struggled to survive on the cold streets of New York. Her life on the streets was a dangerous and discouraging time, yet despite her hopeless situation, she finished school and moved to New Jersey where she entered a Licensed practical nurse program in 1986. After graduating, she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she furthered her career by becoming a Registered nurse in 1998. She continued her education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in nursing program at Immaculata University completed in 2001.

Through her personal evolution, Foster continues to battle the demons of her youth and desire to feel worthy and respected by striving to heal a little each day. Foster runs a blog, @PatriceMFoster, that focuses on teenage depression. The blog gives insight on how one could better handle their situation while educating readers with facts, statistics, and examples of pass experiences. Foster is currently working on an online course's for parents that will explain the importance of teenage depression in an effective interactive way.

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