The Pandemic Affects Everyone.
Your Teens Are No Exception.

You can help them navigate this difficult time

Course Summary

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How this pandemic affects your teenager's mental health.
  • Why your teenager's mental health is more vulnerable than your or your peers'.
  • How to talk about this with your teenager.
  • What to do to reverse the mental effects the pandemic has on them.
  • Other resources

Course Curriculum

Presented By:
Patrice M. Foster, RN BSN

Patrice is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has over two decades of clinical experience, but her life has not always been easy.

As a teenager, Patrice became homeless after being locked out of her home in New York City. She struggled to survive in the city's cold streets. It was a dangerous and discouraging time yet, her determination helped her finish school and move to New Jersey where she enrolled in a Licensed Practical Nurse program in 1986.

After graduating, she moved to Philadelphia where she achieved the degree of Registered Nurse in 1998 and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2001.

Despite all of this, Patrice continues battling the demons of her youth, especially her desire to feel worthy and respected. Which is why she is uniquely equipped to understand the mental health challenges plaguing our youth.

In her blog, she focuses on teenage depression. The blog is therapeutic both to her and to her readers. While it gives her insight on how to better handle teenage mental health issues, it also empowers her readers with facts, statistics and examples of past experiences.

Currently, Patrice is spending more time developing online courses –like this one– for parents of teenagers in which she explains the importance of recognizing teenage depression and how to address it in an effective and interactive manner.

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